1. Hi my name is Mary. What_______ name?
a. you
b. your
c. 's your
d. Yours
2. Is this your bag ? Yes, __________
a. it is
b. it's my
c. is
d. this
3. Where_________ dictionary?
a. Juan's
b. Is Juan
c. 's Juan's
d. Juan is
4. How __________ your mother?
a. many years is
b. is from
c. is like
d. old is
5. My sister and I______ very early
a. getting up
b. gets up
c. don't get up
d. doesn't get up
6. Do you________ to class in the mornings?
a. to be
b. are
c. have
d. go
7.________ do you rent movies?
a. who
b. what
c. how often
d. whose
8. In my town, there's______ shopping mall
a. not
b. don't
c. no
d. isn't
9. A: My best friend's from France
    B: France?_________? That's interesting
a. Actually
b. Cool
c. You Know
d. Really
10. A: I love this neighborhood
     B: ____________ Me too
a. Me too
b. So do I
c. Me neither
d. I am too
11. It ___________ right now
a. 's raining
b. 's rain
c. Raining
d. Rain
12. I ____________ Karate twice a week
a. am
b. do
c. go
d. play
13. I need _________ new shoes
a. buy
b. buy my
c. to buy
d. buys
14. I like this watch. How much_________?
a. it costsy
b. costs
c. does costs
d. does it cost
15. If you go to New York, you can_______ a ferry to the statue of liberty
a. to take
b. take
c. taking
d. takes
16. I ________ for the math exam last night
a. to study
b. study
c. studied
d. studying
17. What ________ last weekend?
a. did you do
b. you did
c. do you do
d. you do
18. ___________ You like to go out tonight?
a. Would
b. Do
c. Are
d. Did
19. A: So, you're here for a week on vacation. That's fantastic!
      B: _________! I'm having a great time
a. Yeah
b. Oh, good
c. Really well
d. Anyway
20. A: I passed my driver's test!
      B: _________.
a. Well, anyway
b. Oh, that's too bad
c. Um, well
d. You did? Cool!
21. A: Do your parents live nearby?
      B: Yes, they_________
a. are
b. do
c. live
d. is
22. I'm good__________
a. for dance
b. to dance
c. a dancer
d. at dancing
23. I sneeze all the time. I have__________
a. a stomach
b. allergies
c. a cough
d. sick
24. I know! Let's give mom some flowers for______ birthday!
a. hers
b. she
c. her
d. she's
25. What ________ for Christmas this year?
a. do you do
b. are you going to do
c. you're doing
d. do you do
26. Where ________ bor
a. did you
b. were
c. you did
d. were you
27. A: Are there any cash marchines near here?
      B: Yes, __________________ over there
a. is one
b. there are
c. there's one
d. it
28._____________ You give me directions, please?
a. Mary
b. Do
c. Could
d. Are
29. Do you like carnivals and_______________ like that?
a. stuff
b. thing
c. festival
d. tradition
30. A: The aerobics class starts at 7:00.
      B: _________? It start at what time?
a. Excuse
b. I am sorry
c. How
d. Did you say
31. Is it easy__________ around your town?
a. get
b. to get
c. getting
d. got
32. Maybe you__________ learn some French before you go to Paris
a. have
b. need
c. want
d. should
33. __________ books are these? Are they yours?
a. whose
b. who
c. who's
d. whose is
34. I__________ my homework when you called
a. do
b. did
c. 'm doing
d. Was doing
35. I hurt __________ at the gym yesterday! I sprained my ankle
a. me
b. my self
c. mine
d. my
36. I thing e-mail is ________ than regular mail
a. more fun
b. funny
c. as fun
d. fun
37. My best friend is the guy _______ by the door
a. standing
b. Who stand
c. Stands
d. Is standing
38. I'm not sure yet, but I________ study for a master's degree
a. probably
b. will
c. might
d. maybe
39. A: Would you mind turning on the light?
      B: _____________.
a. Sure, go ahead
b. No not at all
c. No, go on then
d. No problems
40. A: We didn't get any homework last night
      B: I ____________ you were happy!
a. sure
b. think
c. bet
d. mean
41. I am not going out tonight. I have to study really_______ for an exam tomorrow
a. hardly
b. hard
c. to hard
d. harder
42. I've never _______ to Europe
a. been
b. being
c. be
d. to be
43. What's the ______ restaurant in your town?
a. nice
b. nicer
c. nicely
d. nicest
44. I can't spend ____ money on clothes as my friends can
a. as much
b. as many
c. less than
d. fewer than
45. When I was a kid, my parents never let me______ up late during the week
a. to day
b. staying
c. stay
d. stayed
46. I didn't ________ to like jazz music, but now I think it's OK.
a. used
b. use
c. usually
d. using
47. Are you interested in _________ poetry?
a. to write
b. write
c. wrote
d. writing
48. If you have toothache, you'd ________ go to the dentist.
a. rather
b. better
c. ought
d. might
49. A: My friend is always borrowing my CDS.
      B: Well, at ________ he returns them to you
a. finally
b. least
c. final
d. less
50. A: I can't believe it! Live won a prize!
      B: You ____________ ?
a. have
b. winning
c. do
d. can
51. I found a web site_________ helps you find your old school friends
a. where
b. what
c. who
d. which
52. After you break________ with someone, you should try and stay friends.
a. in
b. out
c. up
d. away
53. I wish I _______ more free time
a. have
b. 'il have
c. 'm having
d. Had
54. What___ you do if you found a wallet on the sidewalk?
a. are
b. did
c. would
d. have
55. I have no idea what time_________
a. is it
b. it is
c. is
d. its
56. I haven't seen that new movie_______
a. already
b. still
c. yet
d. ever
57. You ______ be really hungry after all that exercise!
a. ought
b. must
c. can
d. may
58. The airport ___________ yesterday because of fog.
a. was closed
b. has closed
c. closed
d. is closing
59. A: I go out with my friends almost every night
      B: it's good to spend some time at home,____________
a. though
b. although
c. even though
d. thoroughly
60. I usually_________ for work, I often sleep too late.
a. cancel plans
b. find it hard to be on time
c. keep a low profile
d. lend someone
61. How did you end up __________ here?
a. study
b. to study
c. studied
d. studying
62. I don't look as scruffy ________ I did when I was a teenager
a. than
b. like
c. so
d. as
63. ____________ with your mouth full is considered bad manners.
a. talk
b. to talk
c. talking
d. talked
64. This new CD ____________ to be excellent.
a. supposes
b. is supposed
c. supposed
d. supposing
65. A: Did you buy a gift?
      B: No, I never got _____________
a. around to it
b. around
c. it's around
d. around it
66. Something should_______ about global warming.
a. be done
b. doing
c. to do
d. do
67. Don't speed! You'll_____________
a. arrested
b. being arrested
c. get arrested
d. have arrested
68. Before you studied here, __________ English in another school?
a. are you studying
b. have you studied
c. would you study
d. had you studied
69. I think smoking _________ in restaurant.
a. ought to be banned
b. ought to ban
c. ought to be banning
d. ought to
70. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. I guess I ______ had a bad day, that's all
a. even
b. precise
c. just
d. often
71. I always___________ at the hair dresser's
a. cut my hair
b. have cut my hair
c. am cutting my hair
d. have my hair cut
72. The TV needs______________
a. fix
b. to fix
c. fixing
d. fixed
73. No wonder she's angry. You _________ have shouted at her like that.
a. mustn't
b. shouldn't
c. wouldn't
d. couldn't
74. The teacher asked us whether __________ our homework last week
a. we had done
b. had we done
c. were we doing
d. we have done
75. If I'd studied languages, I ___________ a translator.
a. 'm going to be
b. have been
c. will been
d. Would have been
76. This DVD'S amazing, __________?
a. doesn't it
b. does it
c. isn't it
d. is it
77. ___________ it would be quicker to driver to work, I usually walk.
a. In spite
b. Although
c. Despite
d. However
78. Ten years from now, more people __________________Working at home
a. are
b. will be
c. would be
d. might
79. I _____________ get a promotion soon. My manager quit, and I'll probably get her job.
a. offer to
b. expect to
c. happen to
d. need
80. I don't __________ if you've heard, but there's a concert next weekend.
a. know
b. suppose
c. guess
d. think